Trust Makes the Historical District a Little Brighter…again!

The Sanford Historic Trust is continuing their street light project again this year. The Trust is installing ten new historical lampposts within the next few months. In addition to filling in some of the missing spots on the tree named streets, the Trust is also bringing light to some of the darker areas, like the side, numbered streets. This is the Trust”s twelfth year of installing these beautiful lampposts, and with these latest additions, the number of lampposts the Trust has installed is just over 150 posts.


City Commission Votes Unanimously to Approve "Old Sanford Historic District" Signs!

Historic Distric Markers


The commissioners and mayor voted unanimously, at Monday night”s (10/28/13) Commission Meeting to approve the Trust”s site designation signs for the District. The commissioners thought the signs were appropriate and voted to include them into the City”s wayfinding sign program. The vote took less than ten minutes.

Upon approval from the general membership, the Sanford Historic Trust commissioned award-winning artist Al Carroll to design “Old Sanford Historic District” lamppost markers that are unique and specific to the district. The intent of the markers is to give residents a sense of pride in place and let visitors know that they are in the Old Sanford Historic District.

Graphic designer, painter, teacher and studio owner, Mr. Carroll is a well-known member of the Central Florida arts community. His commissions include Disney, Main Street Development, numerous resorts and restaurants and the charming signs that grace downtown Winter Park.

In June Mr. Carroll visited the Sanford Historic Residential District to study the architectural styles and get a sense of the community. He studied the architecture of the homes and got a feel for the character of the neighborhood, noting the ibis moving about in our front yards. Being an old school artist, Mr. Carroll designed our marker without the use of a computer. The lettering style is borrowed from an archival font book in Mr. Carroll’s library. Mr. Carroll hand lettered our lamppost marker, something unheard of these days. The ibis image is a painting by Mr. Carroll. We got much more than we paid for.

Presented with several choices, the Sanford Historic Trust board of directors approved a design that complements the style historic double light lampposts. The asymmetrical design holds the attention of the viewer through the use of color, shape, lettering and painted imagery.

The Trust has proposed hanging 12 of these double sided double markers (Old Sanford Historic District and the Ibis) close to the entrances of the historic district on the north-south avenues (Palmetto, Magnolia, Park, Oak, Myrtle & Elm). They will be placed on the first lamppost that allows the best visibility. Some lamppost are obscured by trees. 

Many, many thanks to Kathy Hull for a job well done. From a serendipitous bike ride in the College Quarter District in Winter Park last spring, where she spotted their historic markers, to where the project is today, Kathy spent many hours tracking down the person(s) responsible for those signs until she finally met with Al Carroll. Her persistence and dedication to detail has made our beautiful Old Sanford Historic District markers a reality.

  Historic Distric Markers w:Light Pole

2013 Historic Preservation Awards

May is National Historic Preservation Month. In honor of this observance the Sanford Historic Trust and the City of Sanford will once again partner to recognize historic preservation efforts throughout the city.

The Sanford Historic Trust first offered a Historic Preservation Award in 1993 and later partnered with the City of Sanford in 2007 to increase civic recognition of historic preservation. The Historic Preservation Award is bestowed on owners for exceptional preservation and maintenance of historic residential or commercial properties in Sanford. The Sanford Historic Trust’s Historic Preservation Award Committee is responsible for selecting award recipients by relying on the City of Sanford’s “Schedule S” Code for Historic Preservation and considering the quality and extent of improvements to the properties and the historical ambiance of Sanford. “The Historic Preservation Award recognizes good stewardship of Sanford’s most valuable asset – its historic structures. Rehabilitation of historic buildings enhances property values and contributes to the community’s sense of place. Protection of Sanford’s cultural heritage is equally important, and the Cultural Preservation Award is a good opportunity to reflect upon the community’s rich and diverse history” said Christine Dalton, AICP, Historic Preservation Officer for the City of Sanford.

The Sanford Historic Trust announced the award recipients on Monday, April 22, 2013, during a presentation to the Sanford City Commission. Mayor Jeff Triplett read a proclamation recognizing May as National Preservation Month, and commissioners were presented with invitations to an event honoring the recipients.

The Sanford Historic Trust will hold a formal awards ceremony and reception on Friday, May 3, 2013, at 7 p.m. at the Bettye D. Smith Cultural Arts Center, located at 119 West 5th Street, in honor of the recipients of the Historic Preservation Award and Cultural Preservation Awards. 

The awards ceremony will include a slideshow of a rehabilitation project in process as well as a presentation by Dr. Rose Beiler, which will highlight the UCF Public History Center’s achievements and future goals. The presentation will be followed by a National Trust for Historic Preservation “This Place Matters” photo opportunity for all who attend the reception. The event is free and open to the public.

This year’s Residential Preservation Award recipients, are Doug and Annie Horstmeyer for their beautiful home at 911 S. Park Ave.

911 S. Park Ave., Sanford, FL

2013 Historic Preservation Award – 911 S. Park Ave., Sanford, FL

This year”s Cultural Preservation Award goes to the University of Central Florida”s Public History Center.  This award honors efforts to preserve the history of Sanford through archives, photographs, maps, scrapbooks, memorabilia, oral history, storytelling, or expressive arts, i.e. dance and song. The Public History Center, located at 301 W. 7th Street, maintains an extensive collection of historical items related to the City of Sanford and Seminole County. The building serves as a field trip destination for fourth grade students in Seminole County Public Schools, who learn from the themed exhibits and “teaching gardens”.

UCF Public History Center

UCF Public History Center (formerly The Student Museum) – 301 West 7th Street, Sanford, FL

Everyone, please come to this Friday night”s award ceremony and learn more about these two beautiful examples of preservation and their history. There will be catered refreshments following. Remember, the event is free and open to the public. Please feel free to invite friends and neighbors.

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