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Historic Preservation Awards

Each year, the Sanford Historic Trust awards well-preserved homes and commercial businesses with a plaque to commemorate the landowner's initiative and efforts to promote Sanford's heritage. 

2025 nominations are now OPEN! Please submit your nominations using the form below.

Preservation Award Guidelines

Preamble and Purpose: As part of National Preservation Month, the Sanford Historic Trust recognizes preservation efforts of Sanford homeowners and residents.  The annual awards program is based on the City of Sanford Schedule “S” codes. However, the awards do not reflect just the meeting of the letter of the codes, but the landowner’s personal initiative, efforts, and desires to take them to a higher level in promoting the historic ambience of Sanford’s heritage.  Awards are determined by a committee within the Sanford Historic Trust. 

  • All properties shall conform to the requirements of the City of Sanford’s Schedule “S” Historic Guidelines.  A minor infraction may qualify the property for a “Community Improvement” Award.
  • Properties must have been constructed on or before 1972 to be eligible.  Alterations and additions made at a later date do not exclude a property, providing the original style and character of the building are maintained.
  • Property must be within the boundary of the City of Sanford.
  • There are three categories to consider for the selection of properties for Historic Preservation Awards:
      • Commercial Properties (includes multifamily over 4 units)
      • Residential Properties (single family and multifamily of four units or less)
      • Religious, Public Buildings, Parks and/or Common Areas
  • Property under consideration shall be evaluated in its entirety including detached outbuildings, fencing and general landscaping.  They must be well maintained.
  • All major exterior renovations and restorations must be complete. Properties currently undergoing exterior renovations and restoration work are not eligible.

The Preservation Award is presented to the property and received by the current owner to be displayed and maintained at the property.  The Preservation Award remains the sole property of the Sanford Historic Trust, Inc. which reserves the right to remove the award if the property falls into disrepair and/or no longer reflects the high standards required to earn the award.


Architectural design: The historic architectural design features must be largely intact without substantial modifications.  Modification to the original structure must be in keeping with the original architectural intent and any additions must not adversely affect the principle structure’s design integrity.

Railings and porches should reflect the original architectural style of the structure.  Porches must be open, side porches may be screened.  Furniture visible from the street must be in keeping with the style of the home.

Windows and doors are preferred to be original, new windows and doors should be wood or wood/vinyl clad and in keeping with the style of the original.   Screen and storm doors are acceptable made of wood, decorative steel or wrought iron.  Shutters must be the correct size and working, not just decorative.

Wood fences are preferred.  Walkways must be complimentary to the style and period.  Landscaping is also an essential part of the building’s streetscape and can add to or detract from the over all architectural intent.  The property must be well maintained.

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